The ‘Economic Analysis of European Integration’ course is an elective course (5 ECTS) which is open to students from the Masters ‘International and European Public Law’ and ‘Commercial and Company Law’. It is also possible to follow the course as an international student.

This course is designed for students who are interested in an analytical understanding of European integration that goes beyond ‘black letter law’, reflecting the growing need of more interdisciplinary studies of European integration. Students will learn to use the economics tool box in order to comprehend and to evaluate law and policy proposals towards more (or less) European integration.

The teaching content consists of two parts. The first part of the lecture is dedicated to the theoretical understanding of economic integration, including a basic understanding of international trade theory. Topics are: theorem of comparative advantages, free trade, protection, tariffs, stages of integration and federalism theory. Emphasis is placed on a qualitative understanding of these topics. The second part of the lecture applies the gained theoretical insights to topical problems of European integration. Topics are, for example: the concept of regulatory competition, which will be linked to the famous ECJ decisions ‘Cassis de Dijon’ and ‘Centros’, European state aid control and European financial regulation.

‘The first, and foremost reason I chose the Master elective of Economic Analysis of European Integration is because I wanted to learn more about European Integration from an economic perspective. Another reason is that I thouht the course would help me with my Master thesis which deals with components of European integration. Both of my goals succeeded and I now feel I possess knowledge of several economic theories related to the EU integration process. The course is excellent in providing a sound economic basis for non-economists like myself. The module varies from trade theories to federalism theories in a clear and structured manner.’

Marsha van den Elshout – Master in International and European Union Law